What should I do when I have been called to a meeting as the result of a dispute with my supervisor?

You are entitled to a union council delegate at all meetings in which discipline is to be announced or in which it is reasonable for you to believe that discipline will be announced. This includes counseling, warning, suspension or discharge may occur.

  1. If you suspect that the meeting will involve formal criticism of your performance or the imposition of discipline, ask for a union delegate to be present. You can decline or postpone such a meeting until your union delegate is available to attend.
  2. The same applies if you find yourself in an informal and unexpected meeting at your desk. You have the same rights as mentioned above and may, therefore, ask that the discussion be delayed until you can have a union representative present.
  3. At the meeting, take detailed notes on what is said and what points the university addresses.
  4. Follow the advice of the union delegate during the course of the meeting.
  5. Ask for copies of any documents presented.

For more information, you should refer to Article 21, Disciplinary Measures, of the CUPEU collective agreement for additional information.