What should I do when I have been asked to do dangerous or unsafe work or to work in a dangerous or unsafe setting?

  1. You have the right to refuse to perform a work assignment if you have reasonable grounds to believe that the performance of such work will expose you to danger to your health, safety or physical well being, or would expose another person of the same danger.
  2. You must inform your supervisor and Human Resources (local 3663) as soon as possible of your concerns and your refusal to work.
  3. We strongly suggest that you inform CUPEU (local 8603) as well in case you need representation related to your refusal to work.
  4. In response to your complaint, the University will send a safety representative to investigate the matter and take corrective measures if necessary.
  5. If upon examination, the safety representative judges that no danger exists, you must return to work. If you still feel that there is a danger, you may continue to refuse to work. However, you should note that the University may consider this as a breach of your employment contract and could, feasibly, terminate your employment. Once again, the union can be of assistance in supporting you.