Mobilization 2024

CUPEU members have made it clear that hybrid / flexible work arrangements are a priority. As such, the negotiation committee has been adamant about including appropriate language in our next Collective Agreement. Unfortunately, the University has refused to even discuss the topic and so it is time to show them that we mean business.

While the status quo is insufficient, we can nonetheless officially request specific Hybrid Work Arrangements as spelled out in the Hybrid Work Guidelines*. We feel that the best way to make our voices heard is for every single one of us who desires a more flexible work arrangement, or who is currently allowed to work from home and does not want to lose this clearly mutually beneficial arrangement, join us in an email campaign.

*Hybrid work guidelines

11. Should an Employee want to modify or terminate an approved Hybrid Work Agreement, their manager will review and determine if the modification or termination is appropriate or feasible.
12. In the event of any disagreement regarding a Hybrid Work request, or should a
manager or employee have questions about the application of these Guidelines, the
employee and/or manager may contact ELR.

Email Templates

Our email campaign is for members who are not satisfied with their current hybrid work arrangement as well as members who are satisfied with their current hybrid work arrangement.

There are two email templates provided below to facilitate the process:

  1. Simply copy the text from the appropriate template and paste it into a new email message from your Concordia Inbox (Outlook,OWA,etc…).
  2. Fill in the placeholders and/or personalize the email.
  3.  Add your direct supervisor as a recipient and make sure to CC the Union email address:
  4. Hit ‘Send’!

Get Your Mobilization Materials!


Pass by Alycia Manning’s office (LB – 1001.16) for merchandise pick up. Please feel free to email her if you would like to set up a specific time to pick up your merch!

Sheila will be at the Union Office on Tuesdays from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. for merch pick up.


Pass by Wendy Kunin’s office (L-PC 2.404) for merchandise. Please email her before stopping by.

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– The CUPEU Mobilization Committee