Covid-19: Extended Office Closure

Hello everyone,  

I hope you are all doing well, both personally and professionally. Spring is starting to show itself – proving that some parts of life, as we know it, still does exist!  

A small update:   As you may know, there was an expected date of return of May 4. The government has indicated, however, that they will give two weeks notice before an expected return, be it gradual or in some other format. The University, however, is not sure if a two week notice will be enough. This is still to be determined.  

At a University meeting last week, it was clear that how our return takes shape is one requiring several discussions. As you may know, the summer term is online. As of now, the fall term is still scheduled to be in-person, however, faculty made it clear, and it makes sense, to know sooner rather than later, what format the fall term will take.  

Based on the discussion, I would like to assure you that the well-being of the whole community is at the forefront of these discussions. Examples of things to consider, other than class format, is the shuttle bus, elevators, open-concept office space, etc.  

Again, I hope all is going well. If there is anything we need to know, or that we can help you with, please email us at  


President, CUPEU