Article 32 Study Leave

Article 32: Study Leave

32.01 Study leave
a) Study leave is intended to provide employees with the opportunity to pursue undergraduate or graduate studies, or professional training which will increase or broaden the competencies of the employee.
b) Employees who have completed two (2) years of service in a permanent position within the University are eligible for study leave.
c) The parties view study leave as beneficial to employees and the University. Consequently, granting study leaves will not be unreasonably withheld. Nonetheless, a study leave will be subject to the ability of the department to accommodate such leave.

32.02 a) Written application for a study leave shall be made to the immediate supervisor with a copy to the Department of Human Resources and Employee Relations, normally two (2) months prior to the date at which the leave is to commence.
b) Applications for study leave will state the following: i. the specific reason for the leave, including proof of acceptance, if available, into an accredited or recognized program of studies; ii. the exact period of leave; iii. the percentage of work reduction requested.

32.03 Generally, a study leave will not exceed twenty-four (24) months. However, a study leave may be separated into parts, coinciding with academic terms not to exceed three (3) calendar years.

32.04 Normally, a study leave does not require an employee’s continuous absence from normal duties and responsibilities in excess of fifty percent (50%).

32.05 An employee’s remuneration during a study leave will be calculated according to the following formula:

Percentage of WorkPercentage of Salary

32.06 An employee’s salary, while on leave, is calculated on the basis of the employee’s normal hours of work. All applicable salary adjustments will be applied to this salary.

32.07 Eligible employees who participate in the University benefit plans will continue to do so during their leave. Pension, Life Insurance and Long Term Disability benefits, as well as University and employee contributions, will be calculated using the employee’s annual base salary.

32.08 Vacation entitlement for an employee on study leave will be prorated to time worked.

32.09 The immediate supervisor must inform the employee, in writing, of the approval or refusal of his/her study leave request, with a copy to the Department of Human Resources and Employee Relations, within six (6) weeks of the date the application was received. The approval letter must include all conditions agreed upon. A refusal letter must include reasons for the refusal.

32.10 The University will provide statistics on study leave applications to the Union each year in January, April and August.

32.11 The employee who has completed an initial study leave totaling twenty-four (24) months must accumulate three (3) years of service in a permanent position in order to be eligible again for such leave.

32.12 With the authorization of his/her immediate supervisor, an employee may request that part of his/her study leave consist of a continuous full-time absence from work of not more than six (6) months. The period of time worked must precede the period of study leave. An employee’s salary during such a study leave is calculated as follows:

Time WorkedStudy Leave% worked% salary
6 mos6 mos50%60%
7 mos, 6 ds4 mos, 24 ds60%67.5%
8 mos, 12ds3 mos, 18 ds70%75%
9 mos, 18 ds2 mos, 12 ds80%82.5%
10 mos, 24 ds1 mo, 6ds90%90%

Time worked is based upon a twelve (12) month year and a thirty (30) day month.

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