Article 31 Leave without Pay

Article 31: Leave without Pay

31.01 An employee with the equivalent of one (1) year of full time service who, for a valid reason, wishes to obtain a leave without pay shall make a written request to his/her immediate supervisor. The University shall not reject a request for such a leave without valid reason. The employee shall use this leave for the reasons mentioned in his/her request.

31.02 The duration of a leave without pay does not generally exceed twelve (12) months. The leave without pay may be extended with the consent of the University.

31.03 A written request for a leave without pay should be forwarded to the immediate supervisor normally no later than two (2) months before the beginning of the said leave. The University must respond in writing within three (3) weeks of receipt of the request.

31.04 If an employee fails to return to work at the end of said leave without having received authorization to extend this leave, except in the case of a situation that is beyond his/her control, he/she is considered as having resigned retroactive to the date of the beginning of the leave.

31.05 Upon agreement between the parties, the employee may request to end his/her leave without pay before the anticipated return date. The University shall not reject such a request without valid reason.

31.06 Upon his/her return, the University reintegrates the employee with all of his/her rights into the position he/she occupied at the beginning of the leave, or if his/her position has been abolished, the procedures in Articles 14 and 15 will apply.

31.07 Unless there is an agreement or provision to the contrary, an employee on leave without pay does not benefit from the advantages provided in the present agreement except for the accumulation of seniority up to a maximum of twelve (12) months as per clause 13.03. However, he/she continues to benefit from the pension and insurance plans should these plans so permit, on condition that he/she pays the entire cost.

31.08 Part-time leave
a) The leaves without pay provided in clause 31.01 can be part-time and this according to the same conditions. In this case, the employee’s working conditions will be applied on a prorated basis to the number of paid hours with the exception of seniority which is accumulated as if the employee were at work full-time.
b) The University and the employee must agree on the arrangement of the part-time leave, which will not exceed three (3) days a week.
c) The permanent part-time employee is not entitled to a part-time leave without pay.
d) During a part-time leave, the employee’s salary is pro-rated to hours worked. As for benefits, the University and the employee agree to pay premiums as if the employee were working on a full-time basis. For the purpose of calculating benefits, an employee on a parttime leave is considered to be working full-time.

31.09 The employee who is granted a leave without pay is entitled, upon request, to the payment of accumulated vacation.

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