Article 26 Stipends

Article 26: Stipends

26.01 When employees are entrusted with responsibilities of a position in a higher grade, they shall receive a stipend.

26.02 When a temporary assignment involves responsibilities which are classified in a higher grade than the position normally occupied, the University must pay the employee a stipend which is proportional to the duration of this assignment and proportional to the percentage of work in the higher grade.

26.03 The amount of the stipend to be paid is equal to the difference between the employee’s base salary and the salary to which the employee would have been entitled to if the latter had to take up these additional responsibilities on a permanent basis subject to clause 40.10.

26.04 When a particular situation requires, according to the University, monetary adjustments for a particular employee or for certain employees, they shall receive a stipend. The stipend shall be determined by a committee composed of representatives from the University and the Union.

26.05 The payment of a premium does not exclude the payment of overtime as provided in Article 24. However, the payment of overtime is based solely on the regular salary of the employee.

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