Article 16 Technological or administrative changes and major budgetary cuts

Article 16: Technological or Administrative Changes and Major Budgetary Cuts

16.01 In an attempt to keep employees apprised of current and anticipated administrative or technological changes and major budgetary cuts that will directly affect conditions of employment, the University will hold a consultation meeting to receive input from the employees who will be affected by the changes.

The meeting agenda may, if necessary, include the following elements:

a) the nature of the changes to be introduced;

b) the timing of the changes;

c) the reassignment of duties;

d) the effects on terms and conditions of employment;

e) the plans for training relative to existing employees adapting to new equipment or work methods;

f) the arrangements for the assessment of the employees’ needs related to training.

16.02 a) The University shall give written notice to the Union of its intention to introduce technological or administrative change or react to major budgetary cuts, at least three (3) months prior to the expected date of such change or cuts.

This notice must include the following information:

i. the nature and goal of the technological or administrative change or major budgetary cuts;

ii. the expected date of implementation or, if necessary, the schedule of implementation;

iii. the names of the employees, and if such is the case, the positions likely to be affected by the technological or administrative change or major budgetary cuts; iv. the effect which this change or these major budgetary cuts are likely to have on the working conditions of the employees affected.

b) At the latest ten (10) working days following the receipt of the notice by the Union, the Union may ask the University to submit its projects to the Labour Relations Committee for discussion in order to minimize the impact on employees and to facilitate their adaptation to the changes.

c) The University agrees to offer to employees affected by technological or administrative change, the necessary training to allow them to fulfill their new duties. This training will be offered at the University’s expense during work hours and without any loss of rights or advantages.

16.03 The parties agree that the notice in clause 16.02 shall be given when a technological or administrative change or a major budgetary cut has one or more of the following effects:

a) the abolishment or creation of one or more positions;

b) changes in the requirements of one or more positions;

c) changes in the major job responsibilities and/or the areas of decision-making of one or more positions

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