September 11th, 2023
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Inter-union mobilization efforts began with the Meet the President events on both campuses. Countless stickers and flyers were circulated and the grassroots petition was delivered to President & Vice Chancellor, Graham Carr.
The next event is the Inter-union BBQ happening next week! We'll be serving smoked meat, poutine and a vegetarian option to union members. Join us en masse over the lunch hour on September 13th (SGW - Hall Building) and September 14th (LOY - F.C. Smith Building) to show solidarity for ongoing negotiations.
Shuffle 34 team True and Fair Hybrid Works! is still in 2nd place, but HR is catching up! Help us reach our monetary goal of 10,000$ and our ultimate goal of coming in 1st place by continuing to spread the word and donating for our students.
The Hybrid Work Petition has garnered over 600 signatures but our work is far from over. Let's continue spreading the word and get every last signature we can!
Hybrid Work @ Concordia in the News!
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