August 29th, 2023
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Dear CUPEU members,

I hope this email finds you all well after having spent an enjoyable summer.

I am writing to you today regarding the 4-day, on-campus work week that the University has imposed on many of us and about a grassroots petition that was circulated several weeks ago.

I am, like you, very disappointed in the approach that upper management has taken regarding the hybrid model guidelines that were circulated two months ago. Although the guidelines seemed positive, the lack of direction from the very top and the allowance for decision making at the decanal levels has left most of us feeling that there is a deep disconnect between what the majority of the Concordia community wants and what is now being asked of us.

Following these decisions, Concordia members from across all unions created a petition that many of you have signed, unfortunately its intent was ignored.

CUPEU members were actively involved in this endeavour behind the scenes but CUPEU did not publicly support this as negotiations had not begun yet.

Feedback from the decanal level of this position has made it clear to us that we must now publicly support this endeavour. A new petition being circulated will go to the President and Vice-Chancellor (Graham Carr), Provost (Anne Whitelaw), Vice-President, Services & Sustainability (Michael DiGrappa), Associate Vice-President, Human Resources (Carolina Willsher), and the Chair of the Board of Governors (Helen Antoniou).

CUPEU, in the spirit of collegiality and collaboration, hopes that you will support this petition by signing your name as soon as possible.

Our negotiations team will strive to solidify a more flexible, involved hybrid model as part of our Negotiations project.

On a final note, I would like to wish you all a great year ahead! Keep an eye out for mobilization actions to support our negotiations efforts!

President, CUPEU