August 18, 2020

Updating CU's Job Evaluation Plan

Hello all,

Since 2020 began, CUPEU and the university have been discussing how to revise the Job Evaluation Plan (JEP), the system CU uses to assess CUPEU employee positions. JEP was developed in the early 1980s and implemented in 1988. While parts have been modified in the past 30+ years, more work has to be done to comprehensively reflect the change in today's job market or skills. For these reasons, a committee was formed with three members from CUPEU and three members from CU. Here are three general points for your information:
  • To start, the committee is developing a new evaluation tool that considers present day job skills, education and supplemental training, experience and market conditions (including compensation). Regular meetings (via Zoom since the pandemic) to date have resulted in creating the initial tool, which will be tested to ensure it assesses all aspects of CUPEU members' working environment.
  • Some, but not all, of you will be chosen to fill a questionnaire and new job profile. Your supervisor will also be asked to provide information for completeness and accuracy. There will be a mandatory training session to help you answer information correctly. We hope to get the package, training and more information out soon.
  • CU will allow participants an appropriate amount of work hours to complete the task at hand. Once the initial phase is complete, the committee will assess the information submitted to examine the validity of the new tool, apply necessary changes to it and then review job profiles.
Since this will take some time, we are asking for your continued cooperation and patience as we work to create the best job assessment tool for our membership's needs.

Thank you,

CUPEU JEP Committee
Gabriela Szabo, Sigmund Lam and Frank Carriere

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