July 23, 2021
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Returning to campus

Dear members,

I hope this email finds you well and enjoying your summer! As you may know, there is an expected return-to-campus for the 2021 fall term beginning in mid-August with functional work set-ups by August 30th. How this runs will depend on a unit’s needs and expectations from its management.

  • Managers are expected to meet with their teams to review the return process, work schedules, technological needs and any other circumstances affected by the return.
  • Instructions have been sent to managers on setting up return-to-campus work environments.
  • Remote work guidelines have also been sent to managers to allow staff the opportunity to continue working remotely, as of now if possible; or with a new schedule that will require an on-campus presence with the possibility of some remote working days.
  • While these options are available, please note that your work set-up going forward is subject to the needs of the unit or management expectations. It is also possible that there will be a requirement to return-to-campus full-time.
  • Staff can expect to have access to the return-to-campus guidelines shortly (this will be communicated by the university).

CUPEU understands that, for many members, working from home has been a wonderful opportunity to continue to serve the University community in the best way possible. The union also understands that our membership works for the University and that being on campus is intrinsic to our responsibilities and positions. While the opportunity to continue remote work is possible, returning to the office may be required, if management deems it so.

More information on the return can be found on CSpace.

If you have concerns on this matter, it should be brought to your supervisor’s attention. For additional questions, you can also contact us for further clarification.

CUPEU President

Job Evaluation Plan Update

Since August 2020's newsletter announcing the commencement of the Job Evaluation Plan Update, some members have received communication from the university and CUPEU joint committee on the initial phase of this project in previous weeks. Please refer to the union's dedicated page on this work-in-progress for more information. This page will be updated as the union receives more information and you will be notified of these updates via the newsletter.

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