CUPEU Common Coffee Break

Join us for coffee on Tuesday, June 11th to connect with fellow members and grow our social network. Feel free to RSVP to let us know how many mugs to expect.

Cups will be filled between 10AM and 10:45 AM (Tuesday, the 11th of June) in the EV Atrium. Don’t forget to wear your T-Shirt and pins!

Strike Vote Results

As you know on Wednesday, May 22nd, we held a General Meeting to discuss and vote on a strike mandate:
Be it resolved that CUPEU adopts a two-week strike mandate to be used at a strategic time.

Following in person and online voting, I am happy to announce that the mandate to strike was passed at almost 75%.

The numbers are the following:

FOR:          346   74.6%

AGAINST:     118   

TOTAL:       464

Thank you to everyone who came out to support our effort to show the university that our fight for hybrid is legitimate!

Thank you,


President, CUPEU

Strike Mandate


Following the General Meeting we know that many of you still have important questions that deserve clear and concise answers. For this reason we have enhanced our FAQ page with answers to the most popular questions.

Also check out our CUPEU Votes! page, with a video and supporting documentation.

Strike Vote

For those of you who have not yet voted on the Strike Mandate, an online voting system suggested by the CSN is accepting votes (by invite only). If you have not yet received the invitation, please contact Cloé Zawadzki-Turcotte

Best regards,
-VP Communications

CUPEU votes for a strike mandate!

On May 22, 2024, we will be having a General Meeting to request a strike mandate at

 Le Nouvel Hôtel, 1740 René Lévesque Blvd. W.

May 22nd, 2024 @ 5:15 pm

A strike mandate is not a strike! It is asking you to give us the right to call a strike, at a time that we see fit.

At this meeting, we will ask for you to support this mandate.

Our constitution states:

ii. Strike vote: A motion for strike action will be considered passed when 50 % + 1 of the membership is in favor.

Although we would prefer for you to attend the General Meeting in order to answer your questions and allow for your comments, we understand the importance of this issue and that not everyone is available for the general meeting so we will ensure that voting will also be held over a couple of days on both campuses. Dates, times and places to vote will be forthcoming so everyone has an opportunity to cast their ballot.

N.B. We need at least half of our membership (~300 people) to vote in favor of a strike mandate for it to pass.

Our suggested motion is as follows.

Are you in favor of granting CUPEU a 20-day strike mandate that may be used between the conclusion of this vote and the end of year 2024?

More information will be presented at the General Meeting and an open discussion will follow.

-CUPEU Executive

Negotiation 2024 Update

CUPEU members have made it clear that hybrid / flexible work arrangements are a priority. As such, the negotiation committee has been adamant about including appropriate language in our next Collective Agreement. Unfortunately, the University has refused to even discuss the topic and so it is time to show them that we mean business.


The CUPEU Negotiation Committee

Happy Holidays from CUPEU

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish every one a Happiest Holiday season. Thank you for contributing to another stellar year in so many respects, at work, at home and everywhere in between.

Michael Schmid

VP Communications

Get Your Mobilization Materials!

Pass by Alycia Manning’s office (LB – 1001.16) for merchandise pick up. Please feel free to email her if you would like to set up a specific time to pick up your merch!

Sheila will be at the Union Office on Tuesdays from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. for merch pick up.


Zoom/Teams Backgrounds (5)*

(*Right/CTRL Click -> Save image as)

– The CUPEU Mobilization Committee

CUPEU AGM – November 29th @ 5 p.m.

Thank you to all who participated in our well attended AGM! 

Each member of the Executive Committee presented their portfolio reports and the membership elected or re-elected members into their respective positions and committees.  

A few minor changes to the CUPEU constitution were adopted.  

In the Negotiations update, as mentioned in an earlier email, the University has made it clear to the Negotiations Committee that they have no intention of adding anything with respect to Hybrid Work in the Collective Agreement.   

For those present at last night’s AGM, the membership unanimously voted on the following mobilization pressure tactics:   

  • Removable Stickers – Starting November 30th 2023 (Feel free to take photos and send them to the mobilization committee!)  
  • Wear union pins on Campus – as of November 30th 2023 
  • Zoom & Teams backgrounds – Starting as of December 4th 2023 
  • Desktop backgrounds – Starting as of December 4th 2023 
  • Screen Savers – Starting as of December 4th 2023 
  • T-shirt Tuesday’s – Starting as of December 5th 2023 
  • Join lunch time demonstrations TBD 
  • Work to rule – Starting as of January 8th 2024 
  • Prioritize personal time over working after hours – Starting as of January 8th 2024 

If you could not attend last night, come pick up T-shirts; pins and stickers at the union office as early as next Monday, to show your solidarity!


Alycia Manning & The Mobilization Committee


Dear CUPEU members,

We are absolutely thrilled by the unprecedented interest in this year’s holiday party. In less than 24 hours after sending out the newsletter, we exceeded our expected capacity which was carefully set based on previous years’ tallies.

  1. Given the overwhelming response and practical capacity limits, here are a couple notes on the situation:
    We have proactively increased capacity for the event by almost 20%. Current numbers indicate that we should be able to accommodate a high percentage of those interested, so don’t despair! Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks. Those with confirmed spots as well as those on waitlist will be notified appropriately.
  2. It is imperative to let us know if you cannot make it following RSVPing to the event. Timely cancellations allow us to fill every available seat. If you must cancel, please do so as soon as possible. As done in previous years, wait-listers will be welcome to come to the event and wait for no-shows. 
  3. After 6pm on the day of the event, those with a confirmed spot, who do not show up or inform us that they will be late, will have their place given to someone who is present.

We are very sensitive to waste and an empty seat at a party like this comes with significant costs. Please, for the sake of your fellow union members, make sure to let us know if you cannot attend by emailing us at


Michael Schmid (VP Communications)


CUPEU is proud to support students at Concordia University. Thank you for joining and donating to the True and Fair Hybrid Works! team!

Michael Schmid (VP Comm) & The Mobilization Committee, CUPEU

A message from the President (CUPEU)
August 29th, 2023

Dear CUPEU members,

I hope this finds you all well after having spent an enjoyable summer.

I am writing to you today regarding the 4-day, on-campus work week that the University has imposed on many of us and about a grassroots petition that was circulated several weeks ago.

I am, like you, very disappointed in the approach that upper management has taken regarding the hybrid model guidelines that were circulated two months ago. Although the guidelines seemed positive, the lack of direction from the very top and the allowance for decision making at the decanal levels has left most of us feeling that there is a deep disconnect between what the majority of the Concordia community wants and what is now being asked of us.

Following these decisions, Concordia members from across all unions created a petition that many of you have signed, unfortunately its intent was ignored.

CUPEU members were actively involved in this endeavour behind the scenes but CUPEU did not publicly support this as negotiations had not begun yet.

Feedback from the decanal level of this position has made it clear to us that we must now publicly support this endeavour. A new petition being circulated will go to the President and Vice-Chancellor (Graham Carr), Provost (Anne Whitelaw), Vice-President, Services & Sustainability (Michael DiGrappa), Associate Vice-President, Human Resources (Carolina Willsher), and the Chair of the Board of Governors (Helen Antoniou).

CUPEU, in the spirit of collegiality and collaboration, hopes that you will support this petition by signing your name as soon as possible.

Our negotiations team will strive to solidify a more flexible, involved hybrid model as part of our Negotiations project.

On a final note, I would like to wish you all a great year ahead! Keep an eye out for mobilization actions to support our negotiations efforts!

President, CUPEU

A message from the President (CUPEU)
April 28, 2023

Dear Members,

It has been a while! I hope you are all doing well and have adapted to the hybrid work model that most of us are working under (some members are on campus 100% of the time while others are working 100% remotely).

As you may know, at the end of May/early June, the University is expected to produce a report and update us on the hybrid work model. The University has been working with some departments to “pilot” and ascertain whether, or not, this model works and can be continued. It is my understanding that we should continue with a hybrid work model as an option.

Since we last connected, your Executive has been working hard to ensure that our Collective Agreement is respected and that our membership is heard. Fortunately, we had very few Grievances submitted in both the 2021 and 2022. This year is off to a slow start, as well.

Our membership had the opportunity to have an in-person 2022 summer and holiday event! It was great to see so many of you at these events. Information will be sent out in the next little while regarding our future events!

Our Negotiations Steering Committee, elected at our last Annual General Assembly, has been hard at work putting together our Negotiations Project. In our last Newsletter, dated April 24, 2023, a survey was included to get your feedback on what you might like to see in our Project. If you did not receive our Newsletter (we have heard that, for some members, it went to their Junk folders), please let us know. Also, please take the time to fill out the survey! Thank you to the 100+ members who have already done so!

Also included in this recent Newsletter was information on our first PD round. Please go to our Professional Development webpage for more information on deadlines and application procedures.

As President, please be assured that, when I meet with the upper administration, other Union presidents and our Labour Relations Committee, I am working on your behalf! If you have any questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at

Wishing you all a good end of term and relaxing Summer!

CUPEU President

Returning to Work
July 29, 2021

Dear members,
I hope this email finds you well and enjoying your summer! As you may know, there is an expected return-to-campus for the 2021 fall term beginning in mid-August with functional work set-ups by August 30th. How this runs will depend on a unit’s needs and expectations from its management.

  • Managers are expected to meet with their teams to review the return process, work schedules, technological needs and any other circumstances affected by the return.
  • Instructions have been sent to managers on setting up return-to-campus work environments.
  • Remote work guidelines have also been sent to managers to allow staff the opportunity to continue working remotely, as of now if possible; or with a new schedule that will require an on-campus presence with the possibility of some remote working days.
  • While these options are available, please note that your work set-up going forward is subject to the needs of the unit or management expectations. It is also possible that there will be a requirement to return-to-campus full-time.
  • Staff can expect to have access to the return-to-campus guidelines shortly (this will be communicated by the university).

CUPEU understands that, for many members, working from home has been a wonderful opportunity to continue to serve the University community in the best way possible. The union also understands that our membership works for the University and that being on campus is intrinsic to our responsibilities and positions. While the opportunity to continue remote work is possible, returning to the office may be required, if management deems it so.

More information on the return can be found on CSpace.

If you have concerns on this matter, it should be brought to your supervisor’s attention. For additional questions, you can also contact us for further clarification.



CUPEU President

Vacation days and personal time
May 04, 2020

Dear members,

I hope you are all doing well.

As you know, with end of the yearly cycle approaching (May 31, 2020), there are two important personal matters to consider: your vacation days for 2019-20 and the remainder of the allocated 28 hours of personal time (per article 28.06) you may still have.

I would like to remind you that the University has agreed to forwarding vacation days from 2019-20 to 2020-21. This, however, must be done in consultation with your supervisor per the CU Faculty & Staff COVID-19 FAQ.

Personal time, however, will not be forwarded. Any time not taken in this cycle is lost.  

Be safe and stay healthy,

President, CUPEU

CU extended closure
April 27, 2020

Hello everyone,  

I hope you are all doing well, both personally and professionally. Spring is starting to show itself – proving that some parts of life, as we know it, still does exist!  

A small update:   As you may know, there was an expected date of return of May 4. The government has indicated, however, that they will give two weeks notice before an expected return, be it gradual or in some other format. The University, however, is not sure if a two week notice will be enough. This is still to be determined.  

At a University meeting last week, it was clear that how our return takes shape is one requiring several discussions. As you may know, the summer term is online. As of now, the fall term is still scheduled to be in-person, however, faculty made it clear, and it makes sense, to know sooner rather than later, what format the fall term will take.  

Based on the discussion, I would like to assure you that the well-being of the whole community is at the forefront of these discussions. Examples of things to consider, other than class format, is the shuttle bus, elevators, open-concept office space, etc.  

Again, I hope all is going well. If there is anything we need to know, or that we can help you with, please email us at  


President, CUPEU