What should I do when I am too sick to work?

Should you be too sick to work, you should:

You must inform your immediate supervisor if you cannot come to work. Your supervisor may request a medical note if your illness exceeds one week. Should it be prolonged, you will need to submit additional information to HR, Benefits.
If your absence exceeds two weeks, Benefits should be notified in writing indicating when the illness began, and the diagnosis. Concordia medical certificate forms are available for this purpose.
Make sure that all of the relevant information is given to Benefits; otherwise, they will return the certificate stating that it is insufficient, and this will prolong the processing of your file.
Updated medical information should be provided on a regular basis and the expected date of return to work indicated as well. Once it has been established that the illness may be long-term, steps will be taken to initiate long-term disability claim procedures.
An employee returning to work from a prolonged sick leave must provide a medical certificate attesting to his/her fitness to return to work. If there are any physical limitations relating to the employee’s ability to perform his or her normal duties, these should also be indicated on the medical certificate.
Please refer to Article 36, Sick Leave, of the CUPEU collective agreement for additional information