1. What you need to know about Professional Development


As part of our collective agreement, CUPEU has a Professional Development Fund (CPDF). CUPEU Collective Agreement (Article 10.09) provides the basis for CUPEU’s Professional Development program. It is a useful starting point for anyone interested in participating in the program.


The Guidelines for Allocating CUPEU Professional Development Funds are what the PD committee uses to reach its decisions. Due to the increased popularity of the PD program, these guidelines are under review and may be updated by the committee at any time.


All Permanent employees in good standing are eligible to apply for funds. Only one (1) P.D. request per budget year can be awarded to any CUPEU member in good standing. The maximum amount of any request this year is $4100.


The CPDF Committee does not advance funds. Payment of part or all of an activity begins after receipt of the confirmation email from the Chair of the PDC. To be reimbursed for expenses incurred after the activity has taken place, all receipts must be submitted with an expense report. Any amounts claimed above the approved amount will not be reimbursed to the member.


Applications that do not include necessary supporting documents (travel information including ticket/hotel prices, conference costs, course/book fees, etc.) will automatically be disqualified by the Professional Development Committee


The next deadline to apply for Professional Development is 4:00 p.m., Tuesday, December 5, 2017. This deadline is firm. Applications submitted after this time will not be considered.

Professional Development FAQ

Professional Development FAQ

After you’ve read through this page, click here to see answers to frequently asked questions about Professional Development.

2. Read This As You Apply for Professional Development

Submission Deadlines for 2017
  • June 6, 2017
    for events occurring in June, July, August, September
  • September 5, 2017
    for events occurring in  September, October, November, December
  • December 5, 2017
    for events occurring in December, January, February, March
  • March 6, 2018
    for events occurring in March, April, May, June
Application Notes

You must submit six copies of a completed application package to the CUPEU office at MI-202 before the deadline. No exceptions will be made for submissions submitted late. Your ability to make the deadline and provide the required  documentation properly will help your case if you are serious about applying. If you have any questions, contact us well ahead of the deadline. 


Each application will have different requirements, based on the type of activity or supplies requested. At minimum, all applications must include the following:


  • Application Form
  • Description of request
  • Form(s) specific to the activity(ies)
  • Total Budget form


Other material may be required, depending on the nature of the activity. Use the checklist on the Application Form to ensure that your package includes everything the committee will need to make a decision.

Forms to Complete
  • A – Application Summary
  • B – Description of Request Form
  • C – Total Budget Form


You may also need to complete:


  • D – Conferences/Workshops/Training Form
  • E – Travel Form
  • F – Subscriptions Form
  • G – Courses Form
  • H – Other Form
  • I – Supervisor’s Approval of Absence Form


If you are attending a conference, workshop, course, or other training, you will also need to attach a copy of the description provided by the organization. This should include the name of the organizing body, dates, location, registration fees, hotel rates, etc. If this is a conference presentation, please attach a copy of the abstract or submission as well as proof of acceptance or, at minimum, the date it is expected.

Compiling Your Application

Print six copies of the pages you need. Collate the pages in the same order you see them here. Supporting material must be attached at the end of the package, and do not attach anything to the front. Please use staples, not paperclips.


Send in the application by the deadline.

After Approval

Once your activity or purchase has been approved, you may start to spend the approved funds. Follow the Guidelines for the Recipient Following the Approval of PD Funds. Reimbursement requests may be submitted as soon as you start incurring costs.

You may also be required to submit a report to your supervisor, with a copy to the Chair of the PD committee (c/o CUPEU at MI-202) within 60 days of the completion of the activity. Details are outlined in Article 10.13c of the Collective Agreement. Failure to submit a report on time may jeopardize your ability to receive PD funds in the future.

Important Changes
  • Total funding for each round will be limited to one-third of the fund’s value on June 1 of the current budget year.


  • Applications for activities must be made in the round immediately preceding the activity. Exceptions are made for activities or purchases that occur soon after after an application deadline.


  • Incomplete and late applications are automatically disqualified.


  • Expense Reports for reimbursement can only be submitted after the approved activities occurred within 30 days.


  • Members who purchase flights through one of Concordia University’s affiliated travel agencies must complete a Travel Voucher ( for immediate re-imbursement. E-mail to the form to Laurenza  Cacciatore at with required supporting documentation (i.e., the conference program, travel itinerary).It is the members’ responsibility to keep a copy of their Travel Voucher. The Travel Voucher Form and supporting documentation will then be forwarded to Human Resources for approval and lastly to Accounts Payable for payment to be processed. This usually takes 24-48 hours.
Avoid being disqualified for incomplete information by ensuring that you:
  • disclose previous PD funds you’ve been awarded and when (month, year)
  • provide sufficient travel information and Budget Amounts (e.g. cost of books)
  • provide the exchange rate used
  • while some conferences cover some meals; verify that you are not claiming covered meals
  • submit a written report for prior awards

We encourage members to look for the best cost effective means for their travel and accommodation arrangements.

Additionally, we highly recommend you do the following:

Refer to the following documents (issued by Concordia University):

This is the application form for print

This is the application form for print

This contains all the forms you’ll need (and more!) to apply for Professional Development funding. It features linked fields so you only have to enter most information only once, and it does all the math for you. Our thanks to Napoleon Soberanis for his hard work on this.

I’ve applied and got approved, what should I do?