Before your approved PD activity starts


The CPDF Committee does not advance funds, although your department may be able to. In this case, members must indicate in their application that their department has forwarded or paid for an activity.


Once the committee informs you which activities and amounts were approved, you can begin to pay for those activities. Make sure to keep all receipts. You will be responsible for any expenses that exceed the approved amounts.


6 things you must do after your approved PD activity ends


1.   After your approved activity, and upon having received receipts for it, complete a University Expense Report Reimbursement Claim Form. You can get this from your department or from the CUPEU office. You may submit all your receipts as part of a single expense claim, or you may submit claims as receipts come in. Refer to this example of an Expense Claim form to ensure your form is filled completely and correctly. Incomplete or incorrectly filled claim forms will be returned to you. Expense reports submitted prior to the approved activity taking place will be returned to you. Expense reports must be submitted within 30 days from when the approved activity occurred.

2.   Complete the form with all the necessary information except (a) Activity #, (b) PDA PO#, and (c) Tax Code. The Fund/Orgn number will be provided to you soon after your application is approved. If you are uncertain about the Account code, you may leave it blank. However, the most common account codes may be found on the back of the form.


3.   Indicate on the form the total cost for each category of expense such as meals, accommodation, books, airfare, local transportation, memberships, courses, etc.


4.   Paste all your receipts on paper (legal size: 81/2″ by 14″) by category ( i.e. meals, transportation, fees, accommodation, etc.). You must include boarding passes used for receipts having to do with airfare.


5.   Attach the receipt sheet(s) to the Expense Report Reimbursement Claim form. Except for meals, you will only be reimbursed for receipted items which follow the University policies. You must also provide your credit card statement highlighting the items to be reimbursed.


6.   Send all documents to: 


Chair, CPDF Committee, S-MI-202

2130 Bishop St.


Your submission will be reviewed to ensure it is properly completed. If there are any problems with it, you will be contacted. You must also send a one-page written report of your PD activity no later than 60 days following your PD activity. 

Note: if items in your submission flagged, it is in your interest to act accordingly. This action is provided to members to ensure that a proper report is submitted to Concordia University’s Account Payable department and members are reimbursed properly. Rude behaviour for this matter will not be tolerated. 


The CPDF Committee chair will submit the properly completed documents to Concordia University’s Human Resources. The submission is then sent to the office of Vice-President, Services and forwarded to Accounts Payable, which will deposit the reimbursement into your bank account. This can take 4-6 weeks. Please note that you cannot be reimbursed for more than the requested sum or for any items not requested on your application form.

Please be advised that the way in which CUPEU’s Professional Development is structured is a result of feedback from the membership and careful deliberation on how to best serve it as a whole.


Since the maximum amount allocated for members is still a significant amount of money, it is within reason that the requirements of the current process is observed and all applications considered for approval are complete and submitted on time.


In the event that your application is incomplete or if your expense report is deemed insufficiently documented and subsequently rejected, CUPEU will not tolerate rude behaviour from members who may be affected. After all applications are submitted, they must be prepared for review by the Professional Development Committee, which puts a lot of effort to ensure that as many members are given the opportunity to make use of Professional Development.


To avoid frustration, it is highly recommended that you start planning, if not preparing, months in advance so if you have questions or concerns, you can get in touch with CUPEU to help you prepare your application properly and in a timely manner.