So you want to apply for Professional Development…


While CUPEU is happy to help and guide you through the application process, it is highly recommended that members prepare in advance, thoroughly read the information available on this website and get in touch with CUPEU for more information within a reasonable timeframe.  CUPEU will try to help members as much as possible, however, will not tolerate unreasonably disrespectful behaviour occurring from requests made at the last minute.


For those interested in applying for the next round of Professional Development, here are 6 things you need to know:


1) Refer to the “Professional Development 101” page to find out the date of the next round of Professional Development.  This deadline is firm and applications submitted after 4:00 pm will not be considered.


2) Your application needs to be addressed to the CPDF Committee and dropped off at CUPEU’s office (MI-202, 2130 Bishop). You must provide 6 copies of your application.


3) Provide printed documentation that supports the estimate of your costs (i.e.. flight fees, hotel accommodation fees, conference fees). Applications that do not include sufficient and appropriate documentation will be rejected.


4) Application status is determined approximately two weeks from the deadline, therefore applications for any events/workshops/learning or development activities that you’d like to attend through Professional Development occurring between now and then will not be considered.


5) The CPDF Committee does not advance funds. Payment of part or all of an activity begins after receipt of the confirmation email from the Chair of the PDC. To be reimbursed for expenses incurred after the activity has taken place, all receipts must be submitted with an expense report. Any amounts claimed above the approved amount will not be reimbursed to the member.


6) Temporary employees, who have at least three years of service in a professional capacity, and whose current temporary assignment is at least one (1) year, can now apply for funding presuming that the activity is during their  assignment.


If you have any questions, please contact Laurenza at the CUPEU office at extension 8603.​

Ok,  I want to find out more.