Collective Agreement between
Concordia Univerity and Concordia University Professional Employees’ Union (CSN)
In effect until May 31, 2021

Article 1: Purpose of the Agreement

Article 2: Definition of Terms

Article 3: Professional Practice, Liability and Intellectual Property

Article 4: Union Recognition

Article 5: Management Rights and Obligations

Article 6: Non-discrimination

Article 7: Harassment and Sexual Harassment

Article 8: Right to Information

Article 9: Union Membership

Article 10: Personal Development and Training

Article 11: Leave for Union Activity and Office Organization

Article 12: Grievance and Arbitration Procedures

Article 13: Seniority

Article 14: Employment Security

Article 15: Lay-off and Recall

Article 16: Technical or Administrative Changes and Major Budgetary Cuts

Article 17: Job Posting and Movement of Personnel

Article 18: Health and Public Safety

Article 19: Subcontracting

Article 20: University Closing

Article 21: Disciplinary Measures

Article 22: Personal Files

Article 23: Correspondence and Room Bookings

Article 24: Hours of Work and Work Schedules

Article 25: Successorship

Article 26: Stipends

Article 27: Holidays

Article 28: Social Leaves, Personal Leaves and Deferred Salary

Article 29: Vacation

Article 30: Parental Leave

Article 31: Leave without Pay

Article 32: Study Leave

Article 33: Tuition Waiver

Article 34: Public Service Leaves

Article 35: Work Accidents and Occupational Diseases

Article 36: Sick Leave

Article 37: Group Insurance and Pension Plan Benefits

Article 38: Retirement

Article 39: Salaries

Article 40: Payment of Salaries and Classification

Article 41: Temporary Employees

Article 42: Amendments to the Collective Agreement

Article 43: Appendices and Letters of Agreement

Article 44: Duration of Contract

Salary Scales

Appendixes and Letters of agreement